"Russian digitizing". Creating and sales of embroidery designs


17 September 2011

How much will editing of your design cost?

The cost of editing depends on the percentage of correction needed. You can find more information here.

05 August 2011

Do you guarantee a safety and nondisclosure of the information given to you by a customer?

Our company is responsible for keeping in safe and nondisclosure of all the information given to us by our customers.

24 May 2011

What information do you need to fulfill an order?

In order to place an order you should fill the on-line form as detailed as possible.

02 April 2011

How can I pay for the order?

You can find all information about payment terms here.

16 March 2011

Can you make a copy of an image from a garment or a bad quality picture?

It is possible to make a copy from a garment or from a photograph or sketch or other source, but then a confirmation of sizes and colors will be needed.

21 January 2011

Do you accept files in vector format?

Yes we work with this type of files. Moreover we prefer to work with vector format images rather than with bit map ones, as the quality of vector images is much better.

We can make an embroidery design for machines of any of the following brands