"Russian digitizing". Creating and sales of embroidery designs

Price policy

  • Please contact us to get our current prices. You applying to the manufacture directly.
  • While we offer the lowest prices the product quality is high. It is not a trick it is just a well managed business. The only thing we do is embroidery digitizing.
  • This is not our secondary business but a main one. That is why we do our best to maintain kind and long-term relationship with our every client.


You can contact us at your convenience 24hours a day 7 days a week to discuss editing of an embroidery design. It is essential to inform us the number of your order, as it will help us greatly to help you quickly. Please describe your wishes and requirements to the order clearly and in full detail it will allow you to get the finished order promptly.  Also you can send us a sketch or a picture where it is pointed out what you require us to edit.

  • To add a new design to the original one. In this case you will be charged only with the number of stitches in the new digitized design.
  • Change of a design size. 1-5% change of the design size is for free.
  • More than 5% change of a design size. If full alteration is needed, you will be charged not only the newly added stitches but also the stitches of the original design.
  • Density change. Increase – for free, but all new stitches will be charged.
  • Density change. Decrease – for free.
  • Defect of a design through our fault. Free correction.
We can make an embroidery design for machines of any of the following brands