"Russian digitizing". Creating and sales of embroidery designs

Why you choose us

  • Russian digitizing will execute your orders in the shortest possible time – in 24 hours after placing an order.
  • Our company will help you to solve all issues associated with overloading of your production facilities and will create an embroidery as complex and as complicated design as you need.
  • Thanks to cooperation with our company you won’t have to buy expensive equipment and employ high-paid staff.
  • Due to constant implementation of new technologies and innovations at our production facilities we can guarantee a high quality of our products and services in a regular basis.
  • You can maintain contact with us using our on-line services; it will save your time and money greatly.
  • As one of our main aims is to decrease costs and increase productivity the cost of our services is getting down what leads to lowering prices.
  • Thanks to well managed division of labor and sharing responsibilities at our company our staff became experienced specialists in a narrow professional area of their own. It provides a top quality of our products and services.
  • Working with us you cooperate with a manufacture escaping middlemen.
  • Owing to the fact that professional digitizers, designers and artists work at our team we can craft a masterpiece for you.
We can make an embroidery design for machines of any of the following brands