"Russian digitizing". Creating and sales of embroidery designs

Work sequence


You can create your personal account at our web site or register here. In a few seconds after the registration a notification letter will be sent to your email. After that you can sign in at our website to make orders and download free embroidery designs.

Placing an order:

You can place your order using our on-line order page or by email after you register at our website. To place an order on-line please click here (on the right under «Member area») and fill in the form. Please fulfill a form as detailed as possible, it will let our specialists to execute your order in a top quality without odd updating. If you would like to make an order via email please click «Contact us» link. If any questions appear please don’t hesitate to contact us by Skype (you can find our Skype-name on top of the page near to «Contact us» button).

Processing an order:

Our orders processing department is responsible for planning work and confirmation of orders receipt. If in 12 hours you haven’t got a notification from us by email that your order was received, it means that we didn’t get your order. In this case you can contact us via email or Skype.

Planning department:

This unit shares job between digitizers.

Creating of a design:

At this stage an order comes to a digitizer. He invests maximum of his efforts, knowledge and experience to execute an order in the best possible way and to meet all the requirements of a customer.

Quality control:

Each design made by our digitizers is checked. We carefully inspect it for the presence of defects and flaws before sending to you.

Second stage of QC:

At this stage we test the finished design for the second time to get assured it is correct, and if it is needed we perfect it.


We send you a photo of the embroidered design. After you check how a design looks on the garment/fabric you can ask for correction if needed. This is a final confirmation, after that no editing of a design will be made. You can find more information about editing here.


After the order is confirmed we issue an invoice for you, and when we receive 100% payment the embroidery design will be sent to you by email.

We can make an embroidery design for machines of any of the following brands